Ryder Cup Event with Hickory Hills

Selected teams from WGC and Hickory meet over a two-day event to establish club bragging rights for Randolph County.  The competition on Saturday, June 15th will be at Hickory Hills and Sunday, June 16th will be at Winchester GC.

Pregnancy Care Center Outing (PCC)

This outing raises funds for the Randolph County Pregnancy Care Center to use in their mission to support Randolph Countey pregnant women whobneed assistance.

Tess Hawley Memorial Outing

The annual Tess Hawley Memorial outing will be held today.  All proceeds go to Randolph County Cancer Services.

Journey Home Veteran’s Outing

This outing raises fund for Randolph County's "The Journey Home" which is a facility for veterans in need to transition back into everyday life.

One Man Scramble

Ever wanted a second chance on the golf course?  If so, this tournament is for you.  Sign-up for the 1 man scramble today!