10 DEALS IN 10 HOURS SALE BEGINS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5TH AT 8:00 AM. Here is how it works: Starting at 8:00 am on Tuesday, December 5th we will post a special deal right here on webpage plus on our Facebook page (click link for FB). Deals will be posted at the top of every hour starting at 8:00 am going until 5:00 pm. Each deal will have a special discounted price. Once the deal is posted, the first person who calls the golf shop and pays for the deal gets the deal (765) 584-5151. Please note – if a deal listed below is sold, you will see SOLD listed in red next to deal. Good luck and we will see you back here at 8:00 am Tuesday.

8:00 am DEAL #1

9:00 am DEAL #2

10:00 am DEAL #3

11:00 am DEAL #4

noon DEAL #5

1:00 pm DEAL #6

2:00 pm DEAL #7

3:00 pm DEAL #8

4:00 pm DEAL #9

5:00 pm DEAL #10